How It Works

This app was designed exclusively for the Elite!  Track your progress, improve your performance and reach your goals with our portable personal training app!

It offers all the tools necessary to reach your fitness goals at your convenience. Simply input your weight, height and measurements and upload a profile picture, and an Elite certified personal trainer will create a workout program and meal plan specifically tailored to your personal needs.

The App provides a range of workout routines which vary in length, fitness level and intensity, and even allow you to target specific body areas/muscle groups - all while monitoring your heart rate and tracking calories burned. All the benefits of a personal trainer and nutritionist accessible to you at anytime and anywhere through one simple app!

Main Features:

- Extensive library of custom-built tutorial videos for perfect execution

-Thousands of workout variations covering all muscle groups

-On-screen instructions and timer

-Customized meal plans

-Heart rate monitor

-Weight and measurement tracker to view progress

-Calorie tracker

-Chat support with Elite certified personal trainer